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About Our App

SomJot is a mobile parking application that makes the lives of vehicle and parking-space owners a lot easier. Instantly and safely check in, check out your vehicles with no additional cost. SomJot, park your vehicles anywhere with just an app!


Ever sweat when you lose the parking ticket? Time to say goodbye. With SomJot, check in and out is just a scan away!

Security Assurance

Want something more than convenience? SomJot ensures maximum security for both vehicle and parking-space owners. Only you can check out your vehicle. Yes, only you.


Little thing matters. SomJot omits unnecessary paper parking tickets. Join us to conserve the environment we live in.

Time Saver

Check in and out your vehicle at the speed of light. We know your time is precious, so let’s fasten the parking process!

Profit Management

What is more important than profit in business? SomJot helps business to manage profit much, much more efficiently.

Data Analysis

Using parking insight, business would be able to adapt their business better. SomJot can help you to grow at a greater rate.

How The App Works?


Download SomJot. Sign up and register your vehicles into the application for free. One time only and you are good to go.


Once arrive the parking space, lift up your phone and show SomJot to parking staffs. It will be scanned, and transaction will be made automatically.


You can now park your vehicle. Have a productive day!


Show SomJot to parking staffs again when you want to check out. Once scanned and validated, you can drive out your vehicle. Simple, isn’t it?

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Our Pricing Options

SomJot is committed to enhance our beloved user productivity. The pricing is made to ensure we and our customers are happy. Ring us now to get pricing quote based on your parking space size. We love to talk to you!

Custom Plan


Per Month

  • Pay as you go
  • Calculate pricing based on the number of vehicles at the end of each months
  • Extra features based on size of your business
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Featured On

Somjot is delighted to be covered by various Media. We are working hard to bring the product into the market.

Available Download Soon

Please stay tuned for our App. Thank you for your support!