Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is SomJot?

SomJot is a mobile parking application that makes vehicle and parking space owner’s life a lot easier that you can use SomJot app to scan when checking in and checking out your vehicle.

2. Is SomJot application free?

Of course, you can download SomJot application for free.

3. Is SomJot application available in both ios and android?

SomJot application will be available in both ios and android.

4. Can we download SomJot application right now?

Stay tuned! SomJot application will be available in the near future.

5. What if someone know my account information then login, what am I going to do?

The login credential should be kept privately and safely. We cannot help with that, but you can reset your password from either email or phone number. Notify each login to your email or phone message, then you can reset the password.

6. We are not sure that the vehicle owner take his or her vehicle, what if he or she takes other vehicle?

We have QR code validate between check in and check out, especially space owner also validate with plate number of your vehicle as well.

7. What is your solution in case my phone is low battery, lost, no internet connection, or broken?

SomJot provides a very convenience parking experiences that you can always log in and check out your vehicle from other phone anytime.

8. How to ensure that vehicle owner check in and check out their vehicle?

QR code that is used to validate one another compose of many key parameters that cannot be copied and comprehend by people and normal machine. Only SomJot scanner would be able to read it.

9. What if I get your phone and I know your vehicle?

Accessing the application needs pin. If they have got everything, we might can still help you if you could reach out to us before someone else check out the vehicle.

10. What is your solution if my QR is captured by third party?

User should be aware of the problem. We’ll inform customer beforehand. If you know someone trying to breach your code, you can reach out to our 24/7 support instantly.

11. How do you prove that your solution is faster than traditional way?

We have conducted numerous experimentations, best and worst cases. In average we can still help you to save 5 seconds each time of your parking which is a lot compare to the number of vehicle the parking space owner are having each day.

12. In case of losing vehicle, who are going to take responsibility?

It depends on how the vehicle is lost. If it is because of security from SomJot, we will refund the vehicle owners. If not, we won’t. We will investigate on that.

13. How do vehicle owner make payment?

For our initial version, vehicle owner can make payment by cash.

14. What is your plan in the future?

SomJot’s plan is to spread to all the universities in Phnom Penh and go to the provinces as well. We will provide all in one parking service in Cambodia.